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Vermont ChagaChai is a tea company created with a superfood, Vermont-harvested mushroom known as Chaga. This business started as a small-scale farmer's market booth but quickly became a local favorite, and needed to expand its brand and business model.

Wavy Grape was hired to design a full logo suite that reflected the down-to-earth nature of the brand while offering a clean, modern, and memorable vibe. Our design tasks included custom labels, packaging design, stickers, social media content, and the website.

Our Role

Art Director & Design

Web Designer

Print Facilitator


Logo Suite

Label Design

Signage & Content


Green Screen Graphics

Outer Limits Brewing

Lindzey Chaffin

Memorable design moves.

ChagaChai teamed up with Outer Limits Brewing in Proctorsville, Vermont to create an Imperial Stout brewed with the tea blend. This label collaboration was made possible with Designer Lindzey Chaffin, the Outer Limits team, and Wavy Grape. This beer was the spotlight product at the 30th Annual Vermont Brewer's Festival at the Outer Limits booth. It's  now one of their top-sellers and highest-rated beers!

Abby built an image and brand that has been commented on positively by customers over and over. She was always one step ahead and in the end, has served my business in the most optimal ways. Such as attention drawing and financial gain. She is a kind, sweet, and caring person on top of it all.

Read this healthy review.

- Jesse Skiff, Owner of Vermont ChagaChai






Custom web design? Check.

Vermont ChagaChai Web Design
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