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The Vermont
Pepper Project

brand identity | label design | merch

Vermont Pepper Project is a handmade hot sauce company based in Clarendon Springs, Vermont where the tastiest homegrown peppers are raised and turned into the most unique hot sauce flavors in the galaxy. 

Wavy Grape was approached to turn this passion project into an established brand with a fresh, bold, and utterly delicious identity. The Vermont-shaped pepper launched the brand as the *hot* new kid on the block with cohesive labels, creative merch, and spicy signage. 

Our Role

Art Director

Graphic Designer

Print Facilitator


Logo Suite

Custom Labels

Signage & Merch


Green Screen Graphics

Dream Fringe (East Asia Sauce Label)


Memorable design moves.

When the owner's mother wanted to launch her famous salsa as a new product, we knew the label needed a little twist. We characterized Gale with a digital illustration highlighting her iconic glasses and used pink tones to capture her femininity. Her delicious salsa nows graces the shelves with her face front and center.

I was looking for someone to work with that could match up to the intensity of my sauces while staying true to my original vision. Abby matched that intensity by bringing that vision to life. She is incredibly personable while maintaining professional standards, highlighted by being very timely and promptly. She went above and beyond and I think the quality of her work speaks for itself.

Read this spicy review.

- Alex Licausi, Owner & Farmer, Vermont Pepper Project




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